Monday, July 28, 2014

Our camping trip

We drove to New York to camp this weekend.      On Thursday we drove to the camp site.

When we got there we set up our tent.

After we set up the tent we went to the beach  but the first day we were not aloud to swim because the waves were high
and there was seaweed.

After the beach we went back to our campsite and grilled hamburgers.

The next day my dad cooked eggs over the fire.    They were good.
Drew and mom slept in the car because drew was sick

After breakfast we went to Niagara Falls 

they were so cool

Then we ate lunch at Denny's

On our way back to the campsite we stopped at a place were you could see the Niagara River

The red and yellow thing is something that carries you across the river

When we got back to the campsite we went to the beach and swam 

when we got back we ate hot dogs

and then we played uno

In the morning dad cooked bacon and eggs over the fire

I had so much fun!